Curse of Strahd

Death House

While on a werewolf hunting mission, our unlikely band of adventurers seems to be carried to the mysterious land of Barovia.  During their travels they find a letter on an unfortunate courier penned by one Kolyan Indirovich, Burgomaster of Barovia, lamenting over an attack on his daughter Ireena and warning of a great evil in the land.

When arriving in the town of Barovia, the group is met by two children, Rosavalda and Thornboldt Durst requesting aid in rescuing their baby brother from their house which they say has a monster in it.  Throughout the house, there is evidence that not all is as it seems; cult rituals, evidence of murder and the terrible fate of the children, who were locked in their room and starved to death, some centuries before.  The ghosts of both Rose and Thorn tell the party that they were forbidden to ever enter the basement for that is where the "monster" lives and request that they along with the remains of their baby brother be laid to rest outside of the evil house.  The party delves deeper into the bowels of the dungeon underneath the house, moving closer and closer to incessant chanting that seems to come from a level below them…



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